RED Mobile Theme

Version 1.0.0


HTML5, jQuery Mobile Theme for Magento Optimized for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile.


The only Magento Mobile theme using HTML5 and jQuery Mobile to bring you rich touch screen features to your mobile store. The RED Mobile theme is a mobile web app that can bring the look and feel and functionality of a native iPhone or Android app to a website. Nothing for mobile users to install they just go to your store url and are redirected to the mobile theme. Easy installation and upload your logo and slider images through the configuration panel allows you to get a mobile store in minutes!




Clear the store cache under var/cache Backup your database and website Download and unzip the extension contents on your computer Copy the directories to your website:



Set Default Theme To set the theme as your default theme, Goto System > Configuration > General > Design -> Theme sections

in 'Default' enter 'redmobile'

Set Theme for Mobile devices only

Goto System > Configuration > General > Design -> Theme sections Click 'Add Exception'. Enter this in matched expression

iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini

and in value enter 'redmobile'

For more detailed instructions:

Set Theme on a subdomain

Setup multiple websites adding a new website for the subdomain

Goto System > Configuration > Under 'Current Configuration Scope:' select the site you just created

Goto System > Configuration > General > Design -> Theme sections in 'Default' enter 'redmobile'


To configure the theme options, go to the System > Configuration > RED LIGHT BLINKING > RED Mobile Theme.

Here you can upload your logo and images and links for the slider.

Header Block

To edit the header ad go to CMS -> Static Blocks -> Header Ad

Edit the text for your store offer, ex 'Free Shipping from the Mobile Store'


Website shows the header only

A static block 'header-ad' should have been created -> Make sure you are not missing the app/etc/modules/Redlightblinking_Mobile.xml file. Make sure you clear the cache.

System > Configuration > gives me access denied.

Log out and log back in.