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Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking

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Overview: Step into the world of advanced wellness with our Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. This innovative device is equipped with a combination of 63 red lights and 42 infrared lights, utilizing both 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light LEDs. These wavelengths were specifically chosen based on extensive scientific research over the past three decades, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment.


Size: 126cm x 18cm (49.6in x 7.08in)

Material: Medical-grade Neoprene

LED Quantity:

660nm Red LEDs: 63 pcs

850nm Infrared LEDs: 42 pcs


Wavelengths: 660nm (Red) & 850nm (NIR)

Input Voltage: AC 110-240V

Output Voltage: DC 12V

Brightness: 1%-100% adjustable

Timer: 1-60 minutes

Driver: 24V 5A, UL Listed

Warranty: 1 Year

in the box

1 Red Light Therapy Wrap
1 Controller
1 Adaptor
1 USB Adaptor
1 Connecting Wire
1 User Manual

Key Benefits:

Muscle and Joint Relief

Excellent for easing muscle and joint discomfort.

Accelerates Wound Healing

Helps in the faster recovery of wounds.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Promotes better blood flow throughout the body.

Weight Loss Support

Aids in reducing body weight.


reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production.

Pain Reduction

Offers relief from various types of pain.

Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Removal

Assists in sports recovery and improves skin appearance.

Key Features:

Targeted Pain Relief

Specifically designed to address muscle and joint pain effectively.

Adjustable Fit

With a flexible design and secure straps, it can be comfortably worn on different parts of the body, ensuring that the healing light reaches exactly where you need it. 

Portable and Convenient

Easy to use in various settings (126cmX18cm or 49.6inX7.08in), enhancing your wellness journey wherever you go.

High-Quality LEDs

Utilizes high-quality LEDs for maximum effectiveness.

Advanced LED Technology

 Incorporates a powerful array of LEDs to deliver optimal therapeutic wavelengths.

    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
    Red Light Therapy Wrap - Blinkrecover by Redlight Blinking
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    Get The Results You Want

    Soothe Muscles and Joints

    Experience immediate relief from muscle and joint discomfort with the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. Its advanced light therapy technology targets pain directly, promoting faster healing and reducing inflammation effectively. Ideal for daily pain management and recovery.

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    Flexible, Custom Fit

    The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap features an adjustable design with secure straps, ensuring a comfortable fit on any part of the body. This flexibility allows the therapeutic light to target precisely where you need relief, maximizing the effectiveness of each treatment session.

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    Cutting-Edge LED Therapy

    The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap utilizes advanced LED technology, combining 63 red and 42 infrared lights to deliver precise therapeutic wavelengths. Ensures deep penetration for maximum healing and rejuvenation in targeted areas.

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    Youthful Skin Renewal

    The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap not only aids in sports recovery but also enhances skin appearance by reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. Its targeted light therapy promotes collagen production, yielding smoother, more youthful skin with each use.

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    Boost Blood Circulation

    Enhance your body's natural healing process with the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. Designed to improve blood circulation, it promotes a better flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, speeding up recovery and enhancing overall health.

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    FAQ for BlinkRecover Red Light Wrap

    Who should not use red light therapy?

    RLB doesn't recommend red light therapy for anyone with photosensitizing medical conditions, such as lupus, or anyone taking a photo-sensitizing drug (including tetracycline, doxycycline, hydrochlorothiazide, naproxen). You should also avoid it if you have any open wounds or lesions on your skin.

    Can the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap help with weight loss?

    Yes, the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap can aid in weight loss by promoting fat reduction and improving metabolism.

    How often should I use the BlinkRecover Red Light Wrap?

    For optimal results, it is recommended to use the wrap for 15-30 minutes per session, 3-5 times a week. However, individual needs may vary.

    Can I use the BlinkRecover Red Light Wrap on any part of my body?

    Yes, the wrap is designed to be flexible and adjustable, making it suitable for various body parts including the back, knees, shoulders, and abdomen.

    How soon will I see results?

    Results can vary depending on the individual and the condition being treated. Some users may see improvements in as little as 4 weeks, while others may take longer.

    Do I need to wear protective eyewear while using the wrap?

    While the light is not harmful, it is recommended to avoid direct eye exposure. Wearing protective eyewear can enhance safety during use.


    Since using the Wrap, my lower back pain has significantly decreased. I can now move more freely and enjoy my daily activities without constant discomfort.

    Emily Johnson

    I've been using the Red Light Wrap for my knee arthritis, and the results are amazing. The swelling has gone down, and I feel much less pain. Highly recommend!

    David Martinez

    After a few weeks of using the BlinkRecover Red Light Wrap, I noticed a significant reduction in my cellulite. My skin looks smoother and firmer. Love this product!

    Sarah Thompson

    As an athlete, recovery is crucial. The BlinkRecover Red Light Wrap has become an essential part of my recovery routine. It helps reduce muscle soreness and speeds up the healing process.

    James Wilson

    My recovery from surgery has been much smoother thanks to the BlinkRecover. It helped reduce inflammation and pain, making the healing process faster and more comfortable.

    Michael Smith

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