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With Advanced Red Light Therapy

Revolutionize Your Recovery

Experience the painless, non-invasive benefits of the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. This innovative device targets muscle and joint pain, enhances blood circulation, and rejuvenates your skin. Perfect for those seeking an effective, natural solution for body contouring and overall wellness. 

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FDA Cleared for Your Safety

Approved Red Light Therapy for Peace of Mind

The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap is FDA-cleared, ensuring you receive a product that meets high safety and efficacy standards. This approval means you can trust our device for effective and reliable red light therapy. 

Get The Results You Want

Soothe Muscles and Joints

Experience immediate relief from muscle and joint discomfort with the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. Its advanced light therapy technology targets pain directly, promoting faster healing and reducing inflammation effectively. Ideal for daily pain management and recovery.

Flexible, Custom Fit

The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap features an adjustable design with secure straps, ensuring a comfortable fit on any part of the body. This flexibility allows the therapeutic light to target precisely where you need relief, maximizing the effectiveness of each treatment session.

Cutting-Edge LED Therapy

The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap utilizes advanced LED technology, combining 63 red and 42 infrared lights to deliver precise therapeutic wavelengths. Ensures deep penetration for maximum healing and rejuvenation in targeted areas.

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Youthful Skin Renewal

The Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap not only aids in sports recovery but also enhances skin appearance by reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. Its targeted light therapy promotes collagen production, yielding smoother, more youthful skin with each use.

Boost Blood Circulation

Enhance your body's natural healing process with the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap. Designed to improve blood circulation, it promotes a better flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, speeding up recovery and enhancing overall health.



Key Benefits Highlights

Muscle and Joint Relief

Excellent for easing muscle and joint discomfort.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Promotes better blood flow throughout the body.


Reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production.

Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Removal

Assists in sports recovery and improves skin appearance.

Accelerates Wound Healing

Helps in the faster recovery of wounds.

Weight Loss Support

Aids in reducing body weight.

Pain Reduction

Offers relief from various types of pain.

 Improved Mood and Energy

Enhances overall well-being and energy levels.

How Does Red Light Work?

iscover the Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Its Benefits


Boosts Energy Production

Red light stimulates mitochondria, converting food into energy, essential for numerous cellular reactions and maintaining balance in the body.


Benefits of Sunlight

Red and near-infrared light increase energy production, reduce oxidative stress, and have anti-inflammatory effects, enhancing overall well-being.


Daily Use Technology

Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap technology delivers red light therapy, promoting balanced cellular functions, optimizing performance, and improving health and wellness.

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Animated GIF demonstrating cell rejuvenation through red light therapy
1 /How often should I use the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap?

Use the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap for 30 minutes per day as part of your daily routine for optimal results.

2 /  Who should not use red light therapy?

RLB doesn't recommend red light therapy for anyone with photosensitizing medical conditions, such as lupus, or anyone taking a photo-sensitizing drug (including tetracycline, doxycycline, hydrochlorothiazide, naproxen). You should also avoid it if you have any open wounds or lesions on your skin.

3 /  Can the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap help with weight loss?

Yes, the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap can aid in weight loss by promoting fat reduction and improving metabolism.

4 / Can you overdo red light therapy?

Red light therapy cannot be overdone for most people. If you notice any extraordinary results, stop treatment, and contact your physician. Unlike many other health treatments, red light therapy is safe to use every day, is non-invasive, and has virtually zero risks and side effects.

5 /  Can I combine the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap with workouts?

Absolutely! Combining the wrap with regular workouts can enhance waist contouring, firm your waistline, and boost workout results.

6 /  Can the Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap be used on the face?

Yes, it can improve skin texture, firm skin, and brighten skin tone when used on the face.

 Blinkrecover Red Light Wrap FAQs:

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