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Introducing Our Premium Wellness Mat

Superior Quality for Unmatched Wellness

Elevate your wellness routine with our state-of-the-art Wellness Mat, meticulously designed to immerse you in therapeutic light, delivering comprehensive, full-body coverage.


Your Safety, Our Priority

FDA Class II Registered

Redlight blinking's commitment to safety is affirmed by our FDA Class II registration, ensuring compliance with stringent health regulations.

Global Compliance

Boasting the CE marking and FCC seal, our products meet international standards for European conformity and US federal communications regulations.

Seamless Purchase

Experience effortless shopping with straightforward financing options and transparent policies.

Nationwide Free Shipping

We offer complimentary shipping across the nation, delivering wellness directly to your doorstep.

Risk-Free Trial

Explore the benefits with a 30-day trial period, offering no-hassle returns and no hidden fees, for a completely transparent experience.

Enduring Full Warranty

Confident in our product's longevity, we provide 12-month warranty coverage, reflecting our belief that our lights are engineered to endure.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Patent-pending technology. High Power, Low EMF and Flicker Free! ETL Certified meeting the highest electrical safety standards.

Proudly American

Based in sunny California, we're an all-American company bringing top-notch wellness to you from the heart of innovation.

Experience Clinic-Quality Red Light Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home

Embark on an enlightening journey with our in-depth guide to red light therapy, meticulously curated by experts in photobiomodulation. Discover how this revolutionary technology supports overall well-being, from accelerated recovery to radiant skin.


Specialization in Wellness Mats

Embrace tailored wellness with our specialized Wellness Mat, meticulously engineered for full-body treatment, mirroring the rejuvenating experience of a clinical red light therapy bed.


More than an accessory, our mat is a commitment to holistic health, providing targeted support from the ground up for your well-being.


Distinction in the Marketplace

Experience the difference of specialization with our Wellness Mat. While others spread their focus thin, we dedicate ourselves to perfecting a singular, exceptional product.

red light therapy light bulbs

Specialized Care for Holistic Health

A Clinical Experience at Home: Designed for full-body treatment, our specialized Wellness Mat replicates the healing power of a clinical red light therapy bed, offering you a private, rejuvenating escape.
Dedicated to Your Well-being: Our focus isn’t just on products, but on empowering holistic health journeys, starting from the ground up.

Red Light Therapy Mat with specifications and features

Experience Clinic-Quality Red Light Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home

Close-up view of LEDs on a Red Light Therapy Mat

Benefits of Our Red Light Therapy Mat

  • Heal Faster: Speed up the healing of wounds and repair of tissues.

  • Enhance Your Skin: Get better skin complexion and counteract some cancer treatment effects.

  • Look Younger: Lessen wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and improve your skin’s texture.

  • Treat Skin Issues: Find relief for conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and damage from the sun.

  • Ease Your Pain: Alleviate muscle aches and swelling, and even some types of dental pain.

  • Address Various Conditions: Use RLT to help with acne, target body fat, and aid recovery in brain injuries and disorders.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Athlete using Red Light Therapy Mat for post-workout recovery

Experience the Red Light Difference

  • Why Choose Us: Unlike others, our dedication lies in perfecting a singular, exceptional product. The Wellness Mat is a testament to our commitment to your health and happiness, setting a new standard for immersive wellness experiences.

  • Tailored to You: With our specialized focus, we ensure every aspect of the Wellness Mat is optimized for your well-being, blending unparalleled comfort with effective care.

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