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RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager

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Relieve muscle tension and enhance blood circulation with the RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager, designed to provide targeted deep tissue massage and effective air compression therapy for overall body relaxation.


Product Size: Thigh circumference about 77cm, calf circumference about 59cm, foot circumference about 39cm

Working Current: 0.8-2.0A

Charging Input: DC5V/2A

Rated Power: 10W

Product Net Weight: 1400g

Product Gross Weight: 1785g

Packing Specification: 6/carton

FCL Weight: 14kg

In the box

1 x RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager

1 x Hand Controller

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Guide


Enhances Immunity

Boosts microcirculation, activates nerve cells, and enhances organ activity for better overall health.

Supports Recovery

Ideal for exercise recovery, providing relief from muscle soreness and aiding in quick recovery.

Relieves Pain and Fatigue

Alleviates leg pressure, relieves muscle soreness, and reduces fatigue.

Promotes Blood Circulation

Helps improve blood circulation, restore metabolism, and regulate body function.

Convenient and Comfortable

Simulates a manual rubbing massage with a 360° all-inclusive, three-dimensional cycle for a more comfortable experience.

Key Features:

Multi-Site Air Pressure Massage

Covers thigh, calf, ankle, instep, and foot areas, providing comprehensive leg massage.

Six Mode Massage Techniques

Includes automatic, kneading, massage, relax, foot focus, and leg focus modes.

Adjustable Intensity

Offers three gear intensity settings for customized massage experiences.

Ergonomic Design

Simulates ergonomic massage methods with multi-mode alternate cycles for optimized blood circulation.

Easy Operation

Hand controller with program selection key, on/off intensity selection, and warm indicator light for simple use.

afe and Durable

Features strong Velcro for adjustable legs, wide trachea for solid non-stick performance, optimal power jack, and low voltage for increased safety of use.

Low Energy Consumption

Designed for low energy consumption and comes with an automatic timer for added convenience.

    A grey full leg air compression massager with attached control unit, designed to provide customizable leg massages for relaxation and therapy.
    The inner lining of a leg massager, showcasing the air compression technology used to deliver a comfortable massage experience.
    Detailed view of a massager control unit, highlighting buttons for program selection, intensity adjustment, and heat activation, featuring modes like automatic, pinch, knead, relax, and leg focus.
    Visual representation of the six different massage modes provided by the air compression leg massager: automatic, kneading, massage, relax, foot focus, and leg focus.
    Illustration showing various parts of the leg massaged by the device, including the thigh, calf, ankle, instep, and foot.
    Woman using a leg pressure massager with multiple features highlighted: three-gear intensity, wrapping massage, airbag pressing, kneading, warmth, and ankle massage.
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    Solutions for Common Problems

    Effectively addresses issues like exercise recovery, prolonged sitting, leg soreness in the elderly, and discomfort from wearing high heels.

    Comprehensive Air Pressure Massage

    Provides a 360° all-inclusive, three-dimensional cycle that mimics manual rubbing massage for enhanced comfort.

    Versatile Massage Modes

    Offers six massage techniques including automatic, kneading, massage, relax, foot focus, and leg focus to meet various needs.

    Comfortable and Convenient

    Ideal for everyday use with low energy consumption and an automatic timer to ensure you can relax and rejuvenate effortlessly.

    Easy-to-Use Hand Controller

    Hand controller includes automatic, pinch, knead, relax, leg focus, and foot focus modes with simple operation suitable for the elderly.

    Effective Massage Techniques

    Demonstrates various massage actions including strong massage for tired muscles, rhythmic massage for relaxation, and gentle massage for daily use.

    High-Quality Construction

    Features strong Velcro for adjustable legs, a wide trachea for durability, an optimal power jack, and safe low voltage for increased user safety.

    Detailed Specifications

    Comprehensive product specifications including size, power, weight, and packing details for informed purchasing decisions.

    RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager FAQs

    What areas of the body can the RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager target?

    The massager targets the thigh, calf, ankle, instep, and foot for comprehensive leg massage.

    What are the benefits of using the RLB Air Compression Leg Circulation Massager?

    It improves blood circulation, relieves pain and fatigue, enhances immunity, aids exercise recovery, and provides a convenient massage experience.

    Can elderly individuals use this massager?

    Yes, it has a simple hand controller for easy use, making it suitable for elderly individuals.

    How does the air pressure massage work?

    It uses a 360° all-inclusive, three-dimensional cycle to mimic manual massage for enhanced comfort.

    How long should I use the massager each day?

    It is recommended to use the massager for about 10 minutes a day.